Philo Blood Drives

Life saving donations.

Philo organizes and sponsors four blood drives each year in conjunction with UC Health’s Garth Englund Blood Center. These drives are conducted at the First United Methodist Church (5th and Grant St). The Bloodmobile arrives and greets donors from 9AM to 1PM on the third Tuesday of February, May, August and November.


Philo committee members greet the donors, facilitate paperwork, and provide refreshments for the post donation recuperation time. Philo members are strongly urged to donate.


Any questions re: donation eligibility can be answered by calling the Garth Englund Blood Center. 970-495-8987. Also you can email:

Basic donation info:

  1. Bring a photo ID

  2. Eat a good meal as you will burn 650 Kcal while donating blood

  3. Hydrate the day before and the day of donation (8-10 glasses of fluid)

  4. Reminder calls are made, with your permission, by committee members and you may request any of the committee to receive one of these calls. Calls are usually done the week before the drive.

Due to Covid restrictions, Philo blood drives are post-poned until further notice. However, any Philo or community member may call the Garth Englund Blood Center at 970-495-8987 to secure an appointment at the Center to donate blood. The need for blood is nearly always critical and especially during this time of pandemic when bloodmobile drives and donations are limited due to distancing requirements. For more information visit